Device Incompatible? Here Are The 4 Best Budget Smartphones For Minecraft Earth

Thousands of players worldwide are missing out on the Minecraft Earth experience because their devices are incompatible. Even some of the latest smartphones don’t have the hardware it takes to run Minecraft Earth, so it can be a daunting task when looking which new phone is best for you.

In this article we’ll cover the best 4 smartphones for Minecraft Earth, all priced within a reasonable budget. There’s also no better time to purchase a new smartphone with Christmas right around the corner. And starting in no particular order, let’s get into it!

Xiaomi Mi A3

This phone really does give you the bang for your buck. It’s by far the cheapest on the list, and yet still offers top performance in comparison to other 2019 smartphones. And, in my opinion, is by far the most beautiful on this list.

It’s 3 cameras and ultra-wide screen offers the perfect experience for Minecraft Earth. It runs the latest version of Android One, developed and updated directly by Google. This means you’re getting the true Android experience with no third party add-ons to slow things down.

In my honest opinion this is by far the best budget smartphone for Minecraft Earth in 2020. It’s cheap price also makes it a must have if you’re looking for a new phone in 2020.

Galaxy A50

The Galaxy A50 is pure style. Whether in white, black, coral or blue the slim body and the On-screen Fingerprint scanner means you have smooth, seamless curves on all sides.

The Samsung A50’s Infinity-U display takes up practically the whole phone – perfect for playing Minecraft Earth. With a better than Full HD resolution and Super AMOLED colour technology, playing Minecraft Earth on your commute just got easier.

Pocophone F1

This phone has the specs of high class phones, but is on an adorable budget.

The Pocophone F1 lives up to its name with speedy performance in every area. It’s fantastic for movies and games, and takes amazing photos. Massive screen, super specs and a cracking camera. What else do you need?

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is excellent, beating its midrange competition in most areas.

Its design and screen are sensational for the price, it has a newer, more powerful chipset than the likes of the Nokia 8.1, Oppo RX17 Neo and the Moto One Vision, and a versatile, capable triple camera setup. Xiaomi has delivered incredible value, creating a compact, flagship quality phone that doesn’t break the bank. This phone is perfect for Minecraft Earth.

That’s it for our list! Do you agree? Let us know down in the comments below!

Written by Jack Hullis


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