New Bone Spider Variant To Be Added To Minecraft Earth

A few weeks back we saw the release of the Minecraft Earth Christmas update, which introduced the Jolly Llama along with a handful of new tappables including snow and bones. It also increased the chances of finding festive tappables such as coloured wool and snow.

However there was one new addition to the game which has gone largely untalked-of. Introducing the Bone Spider.

Minecraft Earth Bone Spider

This new spider mob variant can be found in the Minecraft Earth’s files, along with the many other unreleased mobs such as the Woolly Cow and Horned Sheep. As far as we can tell nobody has yet found the Bone Spider in-game, and so it’s likely that Mojang are waiting to release it at a later date.

Currently spiders can be found in oak tree tappables, and although they are classed as common they’re quite rare to find. With Bone Spiders being even rarer, it’s possible that they’ll soon become the hardest mob to find in the whole game.

This new mob is of particular significance as it will be the first hostile mob variant added to the game. This is good news as it opens up the possibility of variants for Creepers, Skeletons and Zombies too! It seems almost certain at this point that the charged creeper will one day be brought to Minecraft Earth.

What do you think about the Bone Spider? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jack Hullis

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