Does Minecraft Earth work on the Nintendo Switch?

Minecraft Earth is a popular augmented reality game which was released at the start of 2020 to both Android and iOS devices. But does Minecraft Earth work on the Nintendo Switch?

No, Minecraft Earth requires a mobile device or tablet with a camera to work, and so cannot be played on a nintendo switch.

To date, Nintendo have shown no interest in bringing Minecraft Earth to the switch and so it’s unlikely to be available anytime soon. The switch is also missing some hardware which would make it hard for Mojang to develop Minecraft Earth for the Nintendo Switch.

Most importantly, the Nintendo Switch does not have a camera. Cameras are necessary for any Augmented Reality game.

However if you want to play Minecraft on your switch then you are in luck! Minecraft Bedrock is available to download on switch devices and is great fun!

Check out Minecraft on the Nintendo Store here!

Instead, you can download Minecraft Earth for free on both Android and iOS devices. You can find it by searching for Minecraft Earth on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Written by Jack Hullis

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