It’s Time To Take A Look At Everything We’ve Learnt From The Minecraft Earth Closed Beta

Despite the fact that thousands of players around the world have access to the Minecraft Earth beta (super jealous!), we know surprisingly little about how the game works itself.

Well, until now. Here’s everything we know about the Minecraft Earth closed beta so far:

Introducing Tappables

The most important item in Minecraft Earth are tappables. Tappables are your best friend when it comes to collecting new items.

Sometimes they spawn as trees, or as chests, and even mobs! You can see tappables as items on the map, and they’re highlighted with a white outline.

To collect a tappable, just tap on the item once you’re in range. Grass tappables give you decorative blocks, such as flowers, grass and dirt.

Stone tappables give you stone items and common mineables, such as cobblestone and gravel. Tree tappables will give you wooden items, like planks, fences and leaves. Chest tappables give you multiple items. They drop items which don’t fall into the categories above, such as wool, sand and TNT!

And finally mobs will give you, well you guessed it, mobs. However there’s actually something rather special about mob tappables, but we’ll get onto that later.

Your Player and Inventory

Just like in regular Minecraft, your player has an inventory. This is where all of the tappables you collect will end up.

Every new item you add to your inventory gives you a little bit of XP. The more XP you collect, the higher your level will be!

You can also customise your Minecraft Earth player with skins. If you’ve bought any skins previously, they’ll be avalible for you to use in Minecraft Earth.

There’s also a few skins which you can unlock for free!

Item Types And Rarity

Some tappables are more rare than others, which is shown by the colour of their outline. If an item is common, you’re likely to find lots of them around the world. For instance, stone.

However if an item is epic, then they’ll be harder to find. For instance, the good old muddy pig!

  • White – Common.
  • Green – Uncommon.
  • Blue – Rare.
  • Purple – Epic.

Special mob variants are found through clicking on a mob of the same type. Tap it and you’ll be in for a chance of getting a rare variant! For instance, to collect a muddy pig you must first find a pig tappable… but don’t forget to keep those fingers crossed! 🤞

Build Plates

Build plates are how you build in Minecraft Earth. They’re small sections of the Minecraft world, which you can place down in the real world.

They come in all different sizes. Some fit on tables, and others in your garden!

You build on-top of these build plates using blocks from your inventory. Wait, no. That’s wrong. You can also build inside them… All the way down to bedrock. Now if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

Everyone starts with the basic build plate, which is a small 10×10 section of a plains biome.

To unlock new build plates, all you have to do is level up through gaining XP. The best way to do this is through collecting tappables, but in the future when adventures are added into the game, completing them will also reward you XP.

Life-Sized Builds

Yu-hu. Life-sized. Do I really even need to say much more?

Once you’ve finished designing your Minecraft build plate, you can place it down in an open space at full-size, and walk in and amongst your creation.

Everything is still interactable, however any changes you make in play mode won’t be saved. So you can safely invite anyone to checkout your creations. Or even, you know… Have some TNT fun? 😛

This nicely brings us on to the next feature, which isss…..

Playing with Friends

For me, the most exciting part of Minecraft Earth is the fact that you can build together with friends. However Minecraft Earth on IOS takes this one step further.

“Minecraft Earth will use Apple ARKit’s People Occlusion to show people directly inside their life-size builds, and Motion Capture to trigger pre-set character animations in the game.”

Unfortunately this only works on iPhones, however multiplayer is still totally possible on Android, and you can still see where your friends are standing in your world. They’ll simply just appear as Minecraft characters instead.

And that’s it! The Minecraft Earth beta in a nutshell. Feeling even more jealous now, aren’t you? Well if you are, don’t worry, because This Game Is Just Like Minecraft Earth – And It’s Available To Play Right Now.

What do you think of the current Minecraft Earth beta? Do you have access yet or are you still waiting? And which feature are you most excited to explore? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Cory Collins

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