Fix ‘Find a well-lit, textured surface to place down your buildplate’ error in Minecraft Earth

Are you getting a grey screen with the error message ‘Find a well-lit, textured surface to place down your buildplate’? This is a common error in Minecraft Earth and is easy enough to fix.

If you see a grey screen, you’re getting this error because your device doesn’t support ARCore. The error is common when installing Minecraft / Minecraft Earth from an APK.

If your camera is working, it either means you need to find a better well-lit location to place down your build plate, or that your phone does not support ARCore.

This error code is generic, so there’s no one easy fix for all. Look below for the error that best describes yours, then follow the steps to fix it.

How To Fix Minecraft Earth Buildplate Error

ARCore installed incorrectly

First, check if you have correctly installed ARCore.

  • Download ‘AR Basketball’ or another similar app from the Playstore
  • Check to see if it installs and plays correctly

If ARCore isn’t working, you won’t be able to play any ARCore games.

*If this doesn’t work, in step 7 tap ‘Make a license for app’ instead! Else, try installing Minecraft Earth via the Playstore. If the issue still continues with the Playstore version, contact Minecraft Earth support.

Fixing “App not installed” Error

  1. In the Google Playstore app open the menu and tap the “Play Protect” option.
  2. Turn off the “Scan device For Security Threats’ setting. (Don’t worry! Lucky Patcher is safe to install!)
  3. Try installing the Lucky Patcher APK again.
  4. If it installed successfully you can turn the “Scan device for security threats” setting back on again.

If you run into any issues, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

If you need help getting started in Minecraft Earth, check out the “Guide for Minecraft Earth” android app.

Written by Jack Hullis


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  1. I had cheched by downloading ar basketball and the app is working but when i go to minecraft earth they say the same thing Find a well-lit, textured surface to place down your buildplate’?

  2. I had also checked by downloaded AR Basketball and the app is working but when I go to Minecraft Earth they say the same thing “Find a well-lit, textured surface to place down your buildplate”

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