[FIX!] Minecraft Earth No Sound / Music

It’s a common issue in Minecraft Earth to not get any audio, whether it be music or SFX. There can be many reasons for why audio in Minecraft Earth isn’t working, so let’s learn how to fix the no audio error.


The most common reason is that the music and SFX is turned off in the Minecraft Earth settings page. To turn it back on, go to your profile, then settings and set the sliders for both Music and Sound Effects to full.

If this didn’t work, make sure you’ve turned the audio all the way up on your phone using the buttons on the side. Be sure that you have turned up the media volume slider and not just the ringer!

The final thing to consider is that you have your phone set to Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb. The method for turning these settings off vary from phone to phone, but it can commonly be done from your phones settings page.


The first thing you should check is that the mute switch on your iPhone is set to off. Unlike other apps such as YouTube and Spotify, audio won’t play in Minecraft Earth if your phone’s mute switch is on.

Another common reason is that the Music and Sound Effects volume sliders are set to 0. You can turn them back on by tapping on your profile in the top left, then going to the settings and turning up the sliders for both the Music and Sound Effects options.

If this didn’t fix your problem, make sure your phones audio is turned all the way up. If your phone won’t play any audio at all, it’s likely a problem with your phone and not Minecraft Earth.


Using the methods above you should have fixed the no audio issue in Minecraft Earth for both Android and iOS devices. Make sure your volume is set all the way up and that it hasn’t been muted in the settings page.

Written by Jack Hullis

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