How much does Minecraft Earth cost?

Minecraft Earth is the latest game set in the Minecraft Universe. The game uses Augmented Reality to place your Minecraft builds in the real world.

Minecraft Earth is free to download. It does not cost, unlike Minecraft Pocket Edition. It’s free to play and does not have any pay-to-win features.

However, players can purchase Rubies. Rubies can be spent in the in-game store. Currently, they can only be used to purchase new build plates.

The most expensive Ruby package in Minecraft Earth costs £39.99, and will land you 950 rubies. This is enough to buy a few new build plates.

The most expensive build plate costs 375 rubies, and the cheapest costs 75 rubies. The difference between the two build plates is their size. Some of them also come with pre-made builds, and so these cost more.

You can download Minecraft Earth for free from either the Google Playstore or the Appstore. Search Minecraft Earth on your Android or IOS device to get started.

If you need help getting started in Minecraft Earth, check out the “Guide for Minecraft Earth” android app.

Written by Jack Hullis

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