How to get IRON in Minecraft Earth

Iron has always been an important resource in the Minecraft world. It’s used in countless different recipes, but most importantly iron is a great ore for tools and armour.

In Minecraft Earth iron is a great ore for building tools from. Items such as swords, shovels and pickaxes all come in handy when taking on Adventures, and iron is a fast and durable choice.

So, how can you find iron in Minecraft Earth?

In Minecraft Earth iron can be mined in adventures by using a stone pickaxe. The iron is found underground, and is often guarded by hostile mobs such as skeletons and zombies, so be sure to take a sword with you!

Mining Iron

To get iron in Minecraft Earth you’re going to need to mine it in adventures. Therefore it goes without saying that you’re going to need a pickaxe.

In the crafting table craft a stone pickaxe from 3 stone and 2 sticks. Once it’s finished crafting, add it to your hotbar and you’re ready to go! (I strongly recommend also bringing a sword, a shovel and some food)

Next, join an adventure through either a street portal or adventure crystal.

Iron is found underground. A good tactic is to first fight off all of the hostile mobs, and then to get to mining. Iron isn’t always on the surface, so make sure to mine around until the time runs out! You can never have too many blocks!

Smelting Iron Ore

To smelt Iron Ore in Minecraft Earth, open the furnace menu. Select the Iron Ore and a fuel source.

Once the ore has smelted you’ll be able to use the Iron Ingots to craft new tools and decor for your Minecraft Earth build plates.

Iron in tappables

Iron can also be found in tappables, however not in its raw form. Iron Bars and Iron Doors can be found in chest tappables. They are quite rare though.

Iron ingots and iron ore can’t be found in tappables. Adventures are the only source of iron in Minecraft Earth.

How to make IRON tools

To make iron tools in Minecraft Earth, you need to have iron ingots. If you only have iron ore then you’re going to need to smelt it down into ingots in the furnace.

Once you have enough ingots (shovel [1], sword, hoe [2], pickaxe, axe [3]) then you can get started.

First, make sticks in the crafting table. It’s a good idea to make a lot of sticks because they’ll always come in handy.

Now that you have sticks and iron ingots, you’re ready to craft your iron tools. Select them in the crafting table and press craft. Once they’ve been made, don’t forget to add them to your hotbar so that you can access them in Adventures and in Play Mode!

Written by Jack Hullis

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