How To Get Mobs In Minecraft Earth In 2020

Animals and monsters in Minecraft Earth are known as mobs. There’s plenty of different species, from rabbits to chickens to zombies! Despite this, knowing how to actually find these mobs can be a little confusing for a new player.

In Minecraft Earth, everything can be collected through tappables. This includes blocks such as wood and stone, but also mobs.

For some, such as pigs, cows, chickens and sheep, their icons will display on the map when you are near. To collect them, tap on them a few times. There are many different rarities of mobs to collect too! For instance the Muddy Pig is a rare variant of the classic Minecraft pig. It can be found in pig tappables, but is very rare.

Once you’ve collected these mobs, you can place them down on your buildplates. Beware that if you kill them, they’re gone for good!

How Do I Find Hostile Mobs?

Hostile mobs can also be found in tappables. They can be found in grass, stone and oak tappables. They’re officially classed as common, however in reality they too are also very rare. Infact, the skeleton is even more rare than the muddy pig is.

Just like regular mobs, hostile mobs can also be placed down on buildplates. They can however harm you if you are in play mode, and will also attack Mob of Me’s! And yes, creepers do explode!

Written by Jack Hullis

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