How to heal in Minecraft Earth

Health is an important part of Minecraft Earth. It doesn’t regenerate automatically and is kept constant between Adventures and Build Plates. Dying in Minecraft Earth causes you to lose all the items that you have in your hotbar, so it’s important to learn how to heal.

You can view your health on the main map screen in the top left. It’s the red bar to the right of your characters head.

The only way to regenerate health in Minecraft Earth is through eating food. This can be done in the inventory, in adventures and also in build mode.

How to eat

To get food in Minecraft Earth you’ll need to farm either animals or crops on your build plates. Killing animals and harvesting crops will give you food items. Things such as wheat can be crafted into bread, and raw meat can be cooked in a furnace.

Once you have food, you can either eat it directly from your inventory or in AR mode.

To eat food from your inventory, tap the item and press the ‘i’ icon. Then press the large green eat button to, well, eat the food!

To eat the food in an adventure, select the item of food in the hotbar and then tap and hold anywhere on the screen. Your character will eat the food and your health will regenerate!

Once you have eaten, you character will instantly regenerate a set amount of health instantly. It’s always a good idea to bring food with you into an adventure in case you run into trouble!

Written by Jack Hullis

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