Build Plates Are Coming To Minecraft Earth: What Are They And How Do They Work

Build plates. Love em or hate em, you’re gonna be using them. They’re the foundation for everything you create in Minecraft Earth.

When you first start off in Minecraft Earth you’ll only have the one. It’s a 10×10 island in a plains biome with a tree. Pretty boring, but it’s a good starting point.

The clue is in the name with this one. Build plates are plates, that you build on. They’re small sections of the Minecraft world. You can place blocks on them, and of course remove blocks from them too.

If you like, you can completely quarry out a build plate, leaving only its bedrock skeleton. Every block that you mine will be safely put away, right into your inventory.

Unlocking Build Plates

Now to unlock more build plates, you’ve got two options. The first is to level up. The higher your player’s level, the more build plates you have.

The second way is to upgrade them via the shop! But as Mojang have stated a few times already, there will be no pay-to-win in Minecraft Earth. Everything you can buy in Minecraft Earth can also be unlocked!

There’s loads of different build plates to unlock, such as jungle ones and even snow covered plates! They all come in different sizes, with the largest being up to 60 meters in size.

And don’t worry about running out of them. You can have as many build plates as you like. This and many more answers were given during the Minecraft Earth Q&A. If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve listed all of the important answers here!

Multiplayer Building

Building with friends is one of the funnest parts of Minecraft. And thankfully, it’s possible to build with friends in Minecraft Earth too! (and super super easy!)

All you have to do is tap on the ‘Invite Friends’ button and you’ll be given a shareable link and a QR code! Give that to your friends and poof, you’ve started a multiplayer session!

Your friends can do anything to your world, including destroying structures which you’ve previously built. So be careful who you add!

You can also enter into Play Mode in multiplayer! This is where you place your structures down in the real world, at life size. You can build in this mode, however none of the changes you make will be saved.

Well that’s mostly it for build plates. At least for now. Of course features are still being added and changed, so make sure to follow us on twitter to stay up-to-date.

What do you think of build plates? Which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Cory Collins

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