Minecraft Earth 0.4.0 Patch Notes

Minecraft Earth’s 4th update has just hit the for Apple and Android devices. Here are the official patch notes for the new update.

New Features:

  • Be on the lookout for new things in tappables! Added some new, rare tappables to the world. Get out there and be the first to discover them!
  • Improved Inventory Management! Inventory items have been split into different categories and can be searched by name for easy organization


  • Updated the ground texture on the map
  • Updated the texture for the backpack in Play mode
  • Updated icons for stone slabs and brown beds, and backpack =


  • Fixed crashing on some low-end devices when entering Buildplates
  • Fixed a crash when using an empty bucket on a trapdoor through liquid source block
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when purchasing Buildplates
  • Fixed getting disconnected from the server when milking a cow with a full hotbar
  • Fixed getting disconnected from the server when picking up items dropped by salmon and rabbits
  • Fixed getting disconnected from the server when picking up a flower pot
  • Blocks now catch fire when Lava flows next to them
  • Muddy Pigs are now muddier on the Buildplate selection screen
  • Changes to the vibration setting are now saved when restarting the game (MCE-85)
  • Items that start with special characters are now shown in the correct alphabetical order when sorted

Written by Jack Hullis

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