Here’s How Some Android Players Are Playing Minecraft Earth Without A Beta Invite

We do not recommend you download the APK linked in this article! Do so at your own risk!

An APK for Minecraft Earth Android has just been leaked to APKDone, a website which acts as an alternative to the Google Playstore. APK files are installation files for Android apps. Once downloaded and run, they open up the app installation page.

Players are reporting that the leaked APK is working, even for players without Beta access. However, tappables might not spawn in your location due to current beta limitations.

The Minecraft Earth APKDone page claims that so far, over 35,000 players have downloaded the Minecraft Earth APK. This might be a problem for Mojang, as it’s possible their servers are not ready to cope with the sudden influx of players.

Upon restarting the app, players report receiving a license error. This is the same error which players get when installing a pirated version of Minecraft PE. A user has told us that using Lucky Patcher, a notorious Android patching app, works to fix the error. Learn how to fix Minecraft Earth licence error here

Once again, we don’t recommend downloading the Minecraft Earth APK. Do so at your own risk. The file is not dangerous, however, as checks all it’s APK’s are direct from the publishers (in this case, Mojang).

Mojang is yet to comment on their stance on APK users.

What are your thoughts on the leaked APK? Are you going to risk installing it? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jack Hullis

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