Minecraft Earth ‘could’ Release As Early As Tomorrow According To Mojang

October is upon us, and with that comes the scheduled release of Minecraft Earth. Earlier today the Minecraft Earth beta sign up page was removed and replaced with a new promising message. Previously, the page displayed a form for players to sign up to the Minecraft Earth closed beta, along with the promise of a reward of the exclusive Minecraft Earth skin.

However, since today the page has been updated to now read: “Thank you for your interest in Minecraft Earth. The beta period has ended. To pre-order or download Minecraft Earth click the link for your device below.” There is now no official way to obtain the exclusive Minecraft Earth skin.

When asked, Mojang developer Flexology stated that Minecraft Earth “could” release as early as tomorrow, on the 8th of October.

This is of course big news. He went on to stress “that its a could and not a will“, however this surely suggests Minecraft Earth is due to release to Early Access within the coming days.

It’s important to note that due to recent changes in the Google Playstore’s policies, app updates can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours to go live. This could mean that Mojang has published the Early Access version of Minecraft Earth to the Google Playstore, but that it has not yet gone live.

All that’s left to do now is wait! Stay tuned here on our website and over on our twitter to keep up to date with the latest Minecraft Earth news.

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Written by Jack Hullis


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