Minecraft Earth: “Could not join this buildplate, try again later” Fix

A common error in Minecraft Earth is the “Could not join this buildplate, try again later” error. This happens when you try to enter either build mode, play mode, or when joining an adventure.

This error means that you cannot connect to the Minecraft Earth buildplate servers. Essentially, each time you place down a build plate or join an adventure, Minecraft Earth has to start a new server for you to join. This requires a stronger internet connection than needed for just collecting tappables.

If you do not have a strong enough internet connection, your buildplate will not load. If it doesn’t load, or even crashes whilst you are playing, read below to learn how to fix this error.

How to fix “Could Not Join This Buildplate” Error

This error means that your internet connection is not strong enough. If you’re playing on WiFi, try switching to your mobile data connection. In some cases mobile data will have a stronger signal, especially if you are far away from your internet router.

If you are already using your mobile data, you can try restarting your phone. Players have reported that this sometimes fixes connection issues. Else, your best bet is to move to a location where you have a stronger signal.

Minecraft Earth Buildplate not loading

If your buildplate is not loading then this means that you do not have a strong enough internet connection for Minecraft Earth to work. If you’re at home using WiFi, try switching to mobile data. Often, mobile data works better for Minecraft Earth than Wifi does because Wifi only has a short range.

If your buildplate loads and then crashes, this could also be because you lost connection to the Minecraft Earth server. However, it could also be due to a bug. If the app completely closes then you should report the crash to Minecraft Earth’s bug reporting website.

You can read more about this error code here

Written by Jack Hullis

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