Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Expands To New Countries

Yesterdays Minecraft Earth update brought rubies and saw the introduction of the store. But one new addition went mainly unnoticed. The expansion of the playable area in the Minecraft Earth Beta.

Previously, tappables only spawned in the 5 selected beta cities, with the exception of the UK. Tappables are an essential part of the game, as without them you cannot get new blocks to build with.

However, this all changed yesterday. Since the latest Minecraft Earth update, players around the world have reported that tappables are spawning where they previously weren’t.

The Twitter user @ThemoviaYT reported that tappables are now appearing in Cebu City, in the Philippines. The Philippines is not one of the 5 beta cities.

Further confirmation comes from the official Discord server. When asked, a Mojang employee replied, “We are only inviting people from those 5 cities but you may be able to play outside of those areas. We’re working on filling out the world and making sure we have tappables all over“.

This is great news for everyone. Players currently in the beta now have the freedom to play outside of their cities, and for those of us still without access, this is one giant step towards a worldwide release.

Sadly, Mojang has again said that there are no plans to invite players living outside the 5 beta cities. So unless you live in either Tokyo, Seattle, London, Stockholm, or Mexico City, you’re going to have to wait for the Minecraft Earth Closed Beta to end.

What do you think about the beta expansion? Are you excited by the news, or frustrated that Minecraft Earth isn’t out yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Jack Hullis

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