BREAKING: More Beta Invites, Android Release, Crafting, And More. Here’s Everything We’ve Learnt From The Minecraft Earth Q&A

In case you missed it, the Minecraft Earth developers just finished their first Q&A on Discord. They revealed tonnes of new and exciting features, so we’ve put it all together into a tidy summary for you.

Be warned, there are a lot of questions and answers below. We’ve sorted the most relevant questions to the top, but if you’ve got the time they’re all worth a read!

Finally, if you’ve got a question that wasn’t answered, leave it in the comments below!

Q&A Questions

When will Minecraft Earth release?

We don’t have an official date to share just yet, but stay tuned!

When will the Android beta be released?

Soon! I know it’s the “typical saying” that you hear, but really, we want to get the Android folks into the beta as well. SOON!

When will we be releasing the beta in [CITY/COUNTRY]?

For the time being we’re focused on the current 5 cities that are in the beta and aren’t planning to open up more cities.

When will all people signed up for beta get to play?

Well, technically when we’re out of beta since there’s a [lot] of people who signed up outside of our 5 beta cities.

Will Minecraft Earth come to rural areas?

We are currently in beta and working on our plans for world wide release.

If I signed up for the beta on a city that was selected, why I’m not in yet ?

We’re doing a thoughtful ramp up in the cities that we’ve unlocked. If you haven’t been selected, stay tuned! More will be invited soon in the 5 cities we’re released in.

Will there be mods for Minecraft Earth?

No mods for Minecraft Earth, Sorry!

Will there be cross play between Android and IOS?


What redstone components will there be in MCE and how will they work diffrent compared to the redstone in other minecraft versions

All redstone components will eventually make it to MCE. It is current based on the bedrock engine, so they retain those properties. Minecraft Earth is a full Minecraft experience and so everything you can build in Minecraft you can build in Minecraft Earth

Are the builds saved to the cloud? Will we be able to sync earth across multiple devices?

Yes everything you build is saved so you can carry on building later.

Are you planning to let people “place” their buildings in the world and let other players see them?

Yes! Absolutely

Will there be creative

Isn’t there always with Minecraft?

Will there be smelting and crafting


Will some items only be available from Crafting and not through Tappables?

There are a lot of things you will need to craft and smelt. If you want a Diamond Pickaxe then you will need to explore and find Diamond and craft it!

Will the Nether and the End be coming at sometime?

Eventually, yes

Are crops, cactus, sugar canes able to grow in your build plate?


Will there be a way to expand your building area?

Yes you can unlocks new buildplates that increase in size from 8×8 blocks to 16×16 and even bigger. We want you to be able to build whatever you can think of, and build with your friends as well which is so much fun. You can have as many buildplates as you want.

Will builds be moderated?

Private builds, no. Public builds, most certainly.

Will the new mobs come to Bedrock and Java?

Everything in MCE is designed as part of the Minecraft universe. It is possible

Where can we get more Minecraft Earth News?

Please follow us on Twitter:

What is the best thing you have developed for MCE?

I love working on the new Mobs but playing our Adventures is amazing. Exploring the world to discover new experience is really cool. They are so much fun!

Will u be able to breed mobs, like chickens and cows?


Is there an offline mode? In MCE?

Right now, unfortunately no, the game is a location based AR game that syncs with the cloud.

Do you plan to make new mobs as well as just these reskinned variants?

The new Mobs are not just reskinned variants, they have whole new behaviors and even blocks. The Muddy Pig loves Mud and will search for Mud pools, the Cluckshroom loves the dark and will lay little mushrooms. We sped a lot of time on the design of new Mobs to make sure they are unique and special.

Can you make an adventure with a mine that you would find ore in and also find a ton of mobs?

Yes. That sounds like a pretty typical adventure. You will need to craft and prepare to fight in Adventures, but if you die you might lose something 😉

What is the most complex part of developing MCE?

Covering the globe in Minecraft, that is a super difficult challenge. We had to create super special tools and systems to make sure we could turn the globe into Minecraft.

Will you be able to move a plate once you’ve placed it?

Yes, when you are building on your Buildplate you can rotate it, and pick it up and move it to a new location and keep building.

Will there be jukeboxes? And if so will we be able to use skeletons to kill creepers for music discs? And will birbs dance to the jukebox like in minecraft?

Yes and Yes

Will there be more mobs and different buildplates post release

You’ll have to wait and see on the mobs but there will be more buildplates!

Are there any more special mobs that we haven’t been shown?


What will be the age requirement for MCE once it’s fully released?

None. There is a restriction for the beta only.

Will name tags exist and work?


Will it be available to everyone when it is released or will it be rolled out gradually?

Rolled out gradually

Will there be any way to get custom skins in the Minecraft earth on beta or full release?

You cannot upload your own custom skins.

How data-hungry will the app be on average?

It is not too high, but we are working on optimizing it

Is the Redstone closer to JE or Bedrock?

The Redstone is Bedrock. They’re on the same engine

Will there be biomes?


Will different areas in the real world give you different resources?

In our current state, no. However, per our announcement trailers, we want to create different Biomes that will provide different resources

Can you die on your Buildplate?

No you cannot die on your Buildplate as this is where you build. You can play your Buildplates in full size in ‘Play’ mode like you own mini Adventures. You can die in Play mode and in the Adventures though. No risk no reward!

Will MCE have microtransactions?

Spending money in game on things, YES. Loot boxes, NO. Pay to win, NO.

Will the adventures be placed in specific places in the physical world, say like pokemon goes gyms, so there will be reasons to meet up with other minecraft earth community members near you?

Yes the Adventures are placed in real world location. You will be able to get together with friends, explore and see what you can find.

Public builds seem like they will be a very popular feature. However, there might not be enough real-estate or spots for these public builds to meet the demand. This problem might be especially prevalent in Major cities.

This is a really good question and we are working on a new exciting system to deal with this. Don’t worry, if you want to show you build off to the world you will be able to. More news soon.

How much would you say that safety was something difficult to deal with for Minecraft Earth?

It was definitely a constant concern when designing things. Safety can apply to the people playing in physical space, to their data, to our data, to people around others that are not currently playing. Luckily there have been some pioneers with similar games that we could look to and learn from.

If I build a Cobblestone machine can I make infinite stairs?

There is no restriction on your inventory. Craft away. If you want 10,000 stairs go for it!

After the Beta how will you get the game? Will it just be on the app store?

Yep! Similar to any other mobile game, you’d find Minecraft Earth in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

Will there be new variants of hostile mobs?

Yes. Can’t wait for you to see them.

How can hostile Mobs attack you in the real world like the Creeper in the WWDC demo?

You will be able to explore the world and find Adventures. These are super exciting challenges were you can explore and mine. Who knows what you might find? Will you find an abandoned mine or a dungeon full of Skeletons? What rewards, Ores and surprises might be down there? You will have to go to Adventures and find out.

Do you have to be in the same room to build together?

Yes with ‘Build with Friends’ you simply place your Buildplate on a surface and then invite your friend. They scan a code and boom they are immediately in your game. You do need to be in the same room though as you are building in the same space. Its awesome.

If your somewhere like a a school can you have it so in specific areas you cant build

There will be restricted areas that won’t allow you to collect tappables. However, you can build where you want as long as that place allows for it outside of the game. For example, you can build at a school but if that school has restrictions on students or people playing on their property, then you cannot.

Will there be any sort of movement for a build plate, say if you want to get onto a second floor but you can’t get high enough for it in real size, do you have any solutions for that, say like movement like pocket edition or sorts of the same?

The only way to move would be to physically move in the world. Buildplates are table top so you’d have to tower over your build if you are building too high. Although, we are exploring some accessibility options to make building easier. But to answer your point, no you would not be able to move like vanilla minecraft.

Can we expect to see Minecraft Earth adopt peer-to-peer blockchain asset trading?

As of right now and current plans, No

Is battery usage optimization a main focus?

This is something that the team is very considerate about. We have tests and everything that monitor battery consumption. We want you to be able to enjoy the game as long as possible!

Will there be any indirect PvP?

Since MCE is a game you play in real space with real people, we do not recommend indirect PVP because that’s just hitting people and that’s not nice

Can you give us a tiny hint at a new Mob?

That would be a baaaaaaad idea

Wowzer. You made it to the end huh? Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us what you’re most excited about!

Written by Jack Hullis

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