[FIX] Minecraft Earth Kills Battery and Overheats

There’s no question that Minecraft Earth is a demanding game, even for the most modern of phones. The game uses your phones GPS, gyroscope, and camera simultaneously, each of which draw a significant amount of power.

Minecraft Earth has a built in battery saver mode which helps to reduce screen time and processing power when playing. It helps reduce battery drain whilst also keeping your phone cool, but it’s not the only solution to the problem.

The Minecraft Earth developers are aware of the issue and are continuing to work on optimising the game for both Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately though due to the nature of the game it’s a given that the app will always be a big battery drain. Luckily there are a few steps we can take to reduce the battery and heat issues of Minecraft Earth.

Reduce Minecraft Earth battery loss

The intense battery loss experienced when playing Minecraft Earth is due to the fact that the game simultaneously uses your GPS, camera and gyroscope. These pieces of hardware are all needed for the Augmented Reality section of the game, and they all draw a significant amount of power.

The second biggest battery drain is the power used on your screen. This is particularly unique to Minecraft Earth as its often played outside in the sun, making the screen hard to see at lower brightnesses.

Battery Saver Mode

The first thing we can do to reduce battery loss is to turn on the battery saver mode in the Minecraft Earth settings. To turn on battery saver mode:

  • On the map screen, in the top left tap your characters head
  • Go to the settings tab
  • Tap to turn on battery saver mode

Battery Saver mode works by turning your phone screen off when it’s held upside down so that the camera is nearest to your palm. Sounds will continue to play and the phone will still vibrate when tappables come in range of you. Since you’re more than likely not glued to your screen when walking, it’s easy to make a habbit out of holding your device upside down when out and about.

Phones also often have built-in battery saver modes. They work by reducing the activity of background apps and automatically dimming the screen. Turning on your phones built in battery saver can also have a significant impact on battery life!

Screen brightness

Another thing you can do is to turn your phones screen brightness right down. This helps to reduce the amount of power that’s used up on the screen, allowing you to play for longer!

This can be difficult sometimes as it makes things hard to see. Luckily, Minecraft Earth has a ‘bright mode’ built-in. It works by brightening up the textures colours to help you see better in bright conditions.

Portable charger

It might be the case that even the suggestions above don’t do enough to help you play Minecraft Earth for longer. If you find yourself playing Minecraft Earth often, it’s definitely worth investing in a portable battery pack.

They work like any other battery. You simply charge them up like a phone when you’re at home, and then plug them into your phone when you’re out. Smaller ones work better as they’re easier to carry in a pocket and often contain enough charge for at least a day.

We recommend using this compact Anker Portable Charger [UK / US] for Minecraft Earth. It’s cheap, small and has a very impressive battery size. There are of course other chargers available, so make sure to research into them before buying!

Stop Minecraft Earth overheating

For the same reasons that Minecraft Earth causes a rapid battery drain, it also can often lead to overheating. All of the solutions above work well to reduce overheating issues too, so make sure you follow them as well as the ones below.

Keep your phone out of the sun

It may seem basic, but it’s really important to keep your device in the shade on hot days. The cooler the case of your phone is, the faster your phone will dissipate the heat and cool down.

Turn on battery saver mode and place the phone upside down in your pocket. This means that the screen is turned off and the device is shaded from the sun, but it will still vibrate when you get near to a tappable or an adventure.

Lose the bulky case

Bulky cases can act as insulators. Thing of it like a glove, trapping the heat inside. If you have a bulky case, then good job on taking care of your phone, however it might be adding to the overheating problems.

It’s definitely not recommended to carry your phone around outside without a case, so investing in a cheap lightweight case is something you should look into. Check Amazon [UK / US] for a good lightweight case for the brand of your phone. Ultra thin silicon cases work well to protect phones from light drops whilst also allowing your device to vent off heat.


In conclusion the best things you can do is to enable battery saver mode, both in the app and in your device settings, and to keep your screen brightness low. A portable charger [UK / US] is also worth investing in if you’re a daily player of Minecraft Earth.

To help reduce the overheating issues sometimes experienced when playing Minecraft Earth you should follow the same steps to reduce battery usage, and also try to keep your phone out of the sun. Avoid using a bulky case as they can help to trap heat in.

Written by Jack Hullis

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