How To Fix Minecraft Earth Licence Error: Fix Minecraft Earth Error Message

Licence Error: We’re having trouble verifying that you own Minecraft on this device. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Minecraft from the Microsoft Store. Or simply reconnect to the Internet and try again.

The licence error is common when installing Minecraft / Minecraft Earth from an APK. It’s there to stop people from playing Minecraft without paying. However, Minecraft Earth is a free game. So why are you getting this error?

Well, Minecraft Earth uses many of the same files as Minecraft PE. This error isn’t actually to do with Minecraft Earth (hence the error message stating “Minecraft”, not Minecraft Earth). Fixing this error is easy, and takes less than 10 minutes.

How To Fix Minecraft Earth Licence Error

Please read ALL the steps before starting the process.

  1. Make sure you’ve run Minecraft Earth once before, and have downloaded any content updates and signed in with your Microsoft account.
  2. Next, on your phone, navigate to the Lucky Patcher download page.
  3. Scroll down and tap the blue ‘Download LP Installer’ button.
  4. Download the APK and run it. Follow the install instructions and on-screen prompts. (Because Lucky Patcher modifies files in other apps, your phone may flag a security warning. If you get an error here, scroll down to learn how to fix it.)
  5. Open the Lucky Patcher app.
  6. Tap on ‘Minecraft Earth’, and then on ‘Menu of Patches’.
  7. *Tap ‘Remove License Verification’, and then ‘Auto modes’.
  8. Without changing any settings, tap ‘Apply’. It may take a while, but eventually, you’ll be shown a screen which tells you there’s a 50% chance the process has worked. (Don’t worry! It will have!)
  9. Exit Lucky Patcher and open Minecraft Earth. It should boot up now with no licence errors! (If at any point the error appears again, simply repatch)

*If this doesn’t work, in step 7 tap ‘Make a license for app’ instead! Else, try installing Minecraft Earth via the Playstore. If the issue still continues with the Playstore version, contact Minecraft Earth support.

Fixing “App not installed” Error

  1. In the Google Playstore app open the menu and tap the “Play Protect” option.
  2. Turn off the “Scan device For Security Threats’ setting. (Don’t worry! Lucky Patcher is safe to install!)
  3. Try installing the Lucky Patcher APK again.
  4. If it installed successfully you can turn the “Scan device for security threats” setting back on again.

If you run into any issues, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

If you need help getting started in Minecraft Earth, check out the “Guide for Minecraft Earth” android app.

Written by Jack Hullis


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  1. When I tap on minecraft earth on the Lucky patch app I have to tap a “create modified apk file” button before getting to the next menu. the only thing on there about the license is “APK without license verification” not remove license verification.

    The app does not say auto modes just auto mode. the next prompt shown says ” patch pattern N1 succeeded , patch pattern N2 succeeded , patch pattern N2 (1) succeeded , patch patter N3 succeeded (4) , Amazon market patch failed , samsung apps patch failed , pattern pacth N4 failed , patch pattern N5 failed , Patch pattern N6 failed , patch pattern N7 failed” then options (go to file) (browse) (Ok).

    It does not say it has a 50% chance of working and I am still getting the licensing error.

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting!

      Could you please uninstall Minecraft Earth, then launch into the Lucky Patcher app. Open the menu and select “rebuild and install”. Select the LuckyPatcher folder, then Modified, then Minecraft.Earth and tap the file instead. Click install on the pop up prompt.

      Please let us know if this worked!

  2. Was able to downgrade to sign in before but now iv been signed out and the old version tells me to update so I’m stuck in the sign in loop too.

  3. This isn’t working, I tried every option to remove the verification and each of them broke some other part of the app. I’m having the exact same problem as Jesse.

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