BREAKING NEWS: Minecraft Earth Release Date Found

The Minecraft Earth closed beta will finally release for Android players next week. However, the big question still remains: when will Minecraft Earth release to the public? Fortunately, we’ve now been given an answer.

This is thanks to Google’s ‘pre-register’ programme, which allows game developers to display their games on the Google Playstore before they’ve released.

For games in the pre-register programme, there’s no install option. Instead, you can choose to pre-register for the game. This’ll send you a push notification once the game is available to install.

If you haven’t already, read here to find out how to pre-register for Minecraft Earth.

This doesn’t seem to answer our question of when Minecraft Earth will release. However, it actually forces Mojang into releasing the game within the next 90 days.

According to Google’s guidelines, “After you make an app or game available for pre-registration in a country, you need to launch it there within 90 days”.

From looking at the Minecraft Earth Playstore page, we can see pre-registration began on the 21st of August. Counting 90 days forward from then gives us a final release date of the 19th of November!

Keep in mind, this is a no-later-than date. This means Mojang could, and likely will, choose to release the game sometime before that date. It could release much sooner than November.

In the past other game developers have ignored this rule. For instance, Niantic’s ‘Wizards Unite’ took slightly over 90 days to release. However, Google has recently struck down on any apps which break its guidelines. It’s revamped the review process and has made a lot of significant changes to its policies. Therefore, it’s unlikely that Mojang will get a free pass with Minecraft Earth, and it’s probably not something Mojang are willing to risk.

For those who were looking to play over the summer, the news probably isn’t what you were hoping for. However, it does mean Mojang are aiming for a late 2019 release. (Think of it as an early Christmas present!)

Are you excited or disappointed by the release date? Is it what you expected? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Jack Hullis


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  1. Well, CoD: Mobile has been in the pre-registration process for longer than 90 days already and it’s still in the front page. I’m not sure

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