Minecraft Earth’s Latest Update Introduces Boosts, Glowing Squids and Bone Wolves

Minecraft Earth’s 0.13.0 update has just rolled out for IOS and Android players, along with a fresh set of release notes. There’s plenty of new content to unpack including the introduction of Boosts and the addition of two new special mob variants.

If you haven’t already read it, Minecraft Earth Boost Mini’s are Minecraft Earth mini-figures which can be scanned in to the game to unlock boosts. They’re already available to buy in some stores and so it’s a perfect time for the Boost function to be added into the game.

What Are Boosts?

Boosts are in-game power ups that can be purchased from the Minecraft Earth store or activated by scanning in a Boost Mini. They enhance your Minecraft Earth abilities.

Each boost has 3 levels which will increase it’s power, duration or both. The 12 boosts introduced with this update are listed below.

  • Increase Attack Damage
  • Increase Crafting Speed
  • Increase Max Health
  • Increase Mining Speed
  • Increase Player Defense
  • Increase Tappable Radius
  • Increase XP From Adventures
  • Increase XP From Collecting Mobs
  • Increased Health Gained from Eating
  • Keep Items in Backpack On Death
  • Keep items in Hotbar On Death
  • Smelting Speed Boost

As you can see, Boots both enhance your abilities when it comes to exploring, crafting, smelting and adventuring. They also can increase the amount of XP you gain and so help you in levelling up.

Introducing: Glowing Squid

Boosts weren’t the only thing added in this update, as with it comes the introduction of the Glowing Squid. Readers of this site will know that this mob doesn’t come as a surprise as it was recently launched as a mini figure.

Glowing Squid

It’s not yet known which tappable the Glowing Squid can be found in, but my best guess would be the grass pond tappable. Of course Squid’s don’t live in ponds, but typically neither do Salmon, which can also be found in the grass pond tappable.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @PlayMCEarth to get notified when we find out which tappable the Glowing Squid is found in.

Introducing: Bone Wolf

Unlike the Glowing Squid, the Bone Wolf doesn’t have it’s own Boost Mini, however it was found before by players data mining for new content.

Bone Wolf

Bone Spiders are found in stone tappables.

Other Updates

The long awaited ability to dye sheep different colours has been added to the game.

An exploit was fixed which allowed players to be signed in to the same account at the same time.

Bright mode has had a visual overhaul to make it look better.

That’s it for update version 13. What are your thoughts on the new Boosts? Which is your favourite new mob? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jack Hullis


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