New Minecraft Earth App Lets You View And Share Buildplates Anywhere

Minecraft Earth recently added a share buildplate feature to the game, allowing players to share their creations with their friends.

When a player chooses to share a buildplate, a snapshot of the build and hotbar is generated and saved to a special link. Any changes you make to your buildplate after the link has been generated won’t affect what other people see, however you can always generate a new link.

You can then share this link with your friends. When your friend opens the link, they will be able to place down the snapshot of your buildplate in either table-top mode or life-sized mode. Their hotbar will also be the same as what yours was when you generated the link.

Don’t worry, any changes you or your friends make on the shared buildplate won’t save.


Sharing builds between friends is fun, however wouldn’t it be cool if you could share them with the world for everyone to see?

Introducing BuildShare, an Android and iOS application which lets you view and share buildplates publically with other Minecraft Earth players.

The app is available on the Play Store and will be coming to the App Store soon. In the meantime, iOS users should visit this link on their iPhones, tap the share icon in Safari and then tap Add to home screen.

View other buildplates

Play buildplates in BuildShare

To look at other peoples buildplates in BuildShare all you need to do is tap the ‘Play Now’ button on the buildplate you want to play. Minecraft Earth will open on your phone and you’ll be loaded into the buildplate.

New builds get added everyday and are marked with a green new tag. The most popular builds are automatically sorted to the top of the list.

You’ll also be able to see a mini preview of the buildplate in BuildShare. This allows you to get a better idea of which buildplates you do and do not want to play!

Share buildplates

Share buildplates using BuildShare for Minecraft Earth

Sharing buildplates using BuildShare is dead easy. Head over to the app and then tap the share button in the menu bar. You’ll see a form which requires you to name your creation and to provide a link to it.

To find your buildplate URL, open the Minecraft Earth app and tap on the buildplates icon. Once you’ve decided on the buildplate that you want to share, tap the share button and then the Share Link button.

Copy the URL to your clipboard and paste it into the app. You don’t need to worry about removing any of the text before the URL.

Once you’ve submitted your build it will be put in queue to be reviewed. If your build is approved you should see it appear in the app within 48 hours.

BuildShare for Minecraft Earth is a great new app which opens up a whole new realm of opportunities for players. Even if you aren’t an avid builder yourself it’s definitely worth downloading so you can check out other players builds.

Get BuildShare for Android

Get BuildShare for iOS (tap share and then save page to homescreen)

Written by Jack Hullis

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