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About the Server

Welcome to Off The Block Minecraft server! We are a small but growing community of mature players who enjoy custom enchantments, custom-made plugins, and a variety of game modes including economy survival, skyblock, and creative. Our server offers a balanced economy/shop, vote crates, and time-based ranks with awesome perks. Join us today and experience the fun!

Server Review

Creativity: 4.5

The server’s custom enchantments and plugins add a unique twist to the gameplay, making it exciting and engaging.

Challenge: 3.5

The server offers a good balance of difficulty, providing challenges for players of all skill levels.

Community: 4.0

The community is friendly and welcoming, creating a positive and enjoyable environment for players to interact and collaborate.

Overall Experience: 4.0

Off The Block Minecraft server offers a fun and engaging experience for players looking for a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience.


Question Answer
What game modes are available on the server? The server offers economy survival, skyblock, and creative game modes.
Are there any custom features on the server? Yes, the server has custom enchantments, custom-made plugins, and time-based ranks with perks.
How can I join the server? You can join the server by using the IP and visiting our website for more information.

Final Thoughts

Off The Block Minecraft server is a fantastic place for players to enjoy a unique and engaging gameplay experience. With custom features, a friendly community, and a variety of game modes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Join us today and start your adventure on Off The Block!