Here’s How Some Players Are Cheating Their Chances For Being Selected In The Minecraft Earth Beta

It’s been only a week since the launch of the Minecraft Earth beta, and it’s no surprise that players are eager to get their hands on the game. So eager in fact, that they’ve begun finding ways to cheat the system.

In a similar fashion to PokemonGO, Mojang has chosen to release the game in waves, city by city, to those who signed up for the beta on their website. As annoying as it is, the game certainly isn’t ready for a global release just yet, and limiting the number of players helps Mojang find and fix those oh-so-annoying game-breaking bugs.

If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to sign up to the Minecraft Earth beta test program using an Xbox Live account. You’ll be asked to enter your device type (Android or IOS), and also where you live. These are the two deciding factors on whether or not you’re illegible to play right now.

The second requirement is to live in one of a few selected cities. Now here’s where people have started to get creative.

Currently, the beta is only available to play on IOS devices, though if you’ve got an Android the wait might not be as long as you think. Some people are speculating that the Android beta will launch in less than a month, following the same city-by-city approach as the IOS launch has taken.

If we take a look at the list of supported cities, it’s clear that they’re all capitals. Essentially, anyone who lives outside a capital city doesn’t have much of a hope for getting into the beta program. Or so it would seem…

Now here’s the clever part. Some players have been entering in fake postcodes, claiming to live somewhere which they don’t. For instance, those who live in the UK would enter a London postcode. Get where this is going?

That way, when the beta reached London, they’d be in for a chance of getting picked! Of course, this works best in the UK, as tappables spawn anywhere in the country, but, likely, other countries will soon also be opened up.

So now I know what you’re thinking. You’ve already signed up to the beta using your real postcode, and you live on a volcano somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. You’ve got no hope.

Well okay, maybe not the last part, but if you have in fact already signed up for the beta, it’s actually not too late to change your application. And it’s surprisingly easy.

Head back over to the sign-up page and click the big green ‘Delete My Data’ button. Then simply refill out the form as you did before, but this time entering in a postcode from the capital city of the country you live in. If you don’t know any, a quick search on google will bring up plenty of results.

Official Minecraft Earth Delete My Data Form

And that’s it! Now all that’s left to do is refresh your inbox. Again. And again. And again…

Jokes aside, if you’re on an IOS device and have entered in the postcode of an already available city, you’re going to have to wait for someone to become inactive and for their spot to be given up, or for Mojang to allow new players into the beta.

If you’re on an Android, however, once the beta becomes available you’ll be in for a chance of getting selected first time round. Good luck!

What do you think of those who are using false postcodes? Should people do it? Or should people just wait their turn. Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Written by Jack Hullis

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  1. Thanks for sharing I went ahead and changed my postcode. I wonder though if they can see where you’re location is from your google play account / itunes account. Doubt they’d really bother though.

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