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About the Server

Welcome to Stellar SMP, a Filipino Minecraft Server offering both Survival Multiplayer (SMP) and Semi-Faction SMP experiences. Located in Singapore, our server provides low latency for smooth gameplay. Join us for camaraderie, competition, and creativity!

Server Review

Creativity: 4.5

The server offers a wide range of creative building opportunities and events that encourage players to showcase their imagination.

Challenge: 4.0

Players can engage in faction-based challenges and survival adventures that test their skills and strategic thinking.

Community: 5.0

The vibrant Filipino community on Stellar SMP fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment for players to connect and collaborate.

Overall Experience: 4.8

Stellar SMP provides a well-rounded gaming experience with a mix of creativity, challenge, and community engagement.


Q: How can I join the server?

A: Simply use the server IP “” to connect to Stellar SMP.

Q: Is there a Discord server for Stellar SMP?

A: Yes, you can join our Discord server here to chat with other players and stay updated on server events.

Final Thoughts

Stellar SMP offers a unique and engaging Minecraft experience for Filipino players, combining creativity, challenge, and community interaction. Join us for an unforgettable journey in the world of Minecraft!