The Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Just Got Announced; And It Looks Amazing

The time has finally arrived! Mojang has just released a video announcing the start of the Minecraft Earth beta, along with some more in-game multiplayer footage.

The video gives us a tonne of new information and shines a lot of light on some previously unknown topics, such as how players will find and collect resources.

It has strong similarities to PokemonGO of course, and this is expected, however it’s quite clear that Minecraft Earth has a much stronger multiplayer focus. The ability to play properly with friends is something PokemonGO desperately lacked.

The video goes on to show a group of people all working together to build a house-like structure in a park, and shows off the different build plates which will be available to unlock at launch.

The official webpage for Minecraft Earth is also now live, which explains a bit about the game, along with a FAQ section.

What are your thoughts on the Minecraft Earth beta announcement? Are you excited for it, or disappointed that the game is still in its early stages of development? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by Cory Collins

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