Minecraft Earth’s Boost Minis Are Here. What Are They And How Do They Work?

Minecraft Earth’s latest update is almost here, but this time it’s not in the app. Mojang have announced the released of a set of 20 Minecraft Earth-themed mini-figures, including favourites such as the Muddy Pig and Moobloom.

Tons of never seen before mobs also make an appearance, such as the Glowing Squid and Melon Golem. Each of these figures give unique rewards and power ups when scanned into the Minecraft Earth app.

The team behind Minecraft Earth has partnered with Mattel to create an all-new line of mini-figures, called Boost Minis, that scan to unlock in-game perks (known as Boosts) in Minecraft Earth.

Activating Boost Minis is simple and intuitive with a phone scan, and you’ll get XP in-game for every new Boost Mini that you activate.

The Figures

Below are the 12 currently released mini-figures, 7 of which are brand new and have never been seen before!

Furnace Iron Golem

This Iron Golem looks to be made from iron furnaces instead of Iron blocks. Iron Golems themselves are yet to be added into Minecraft Earth, so perhaps this is a hint that they will be soon! It’s glowing eyes and chest will also light up the environment around him!

Dyed Cat

The Ender Cat! Oh wait… Nevermind! This is just a cat who’s had an unlucky accident with a bucket of purple paint. Nevertheless, it’s green eyes and purple fur make for a cool look!

Glow Squid

Another mob which isn’t yet in Minecraft Earth is the squid. Yet here we are with one that glows! It’s also partially see through, making it look almost like jelly.

Tropical Slime Cube

This is a special new mob. Not only because of it’s unique looks, but also because on the mini-figure box it’s icon is blacked out and covered with a question mark. Hopefully the tropical slime cube will be making it’s way into Minecraft Earth soon!

Baby Zombie Chicken

The classic chicken on a baby zombie. In normal Minecraft it’s your worst enemy, but in Minecraft Earth? Your cutest companion!

Wolf Puppy

The Wolf is another classic mob making its way over into Minecraft Earth. This ones large eyes suggest it’s a puppy! How cute.

Melon Golem

We’ve had Iron Golems, now Snow Golems! Instead of being made like the usual Snow Golem, this one requires a Melon. Personally, this is by far the cutest new mob coming to Minecraft Earth.

Muddy Pig

The world-famous Muddy Pig is of course included in the mini-figure lineup. This one is a baby, arguably making it even more cute than it already was.

Loving Skeleton

This is a weird one. A loving skeleton? I never thought those two words would be put next to each other. Surrounded by love hearts and carrying something red (leather?), he’s ready to be your new best bud.

Spawning Creeper

Ever wonder how Creepers were made? Believe it or not they don’t just actually appear out of thin air, they actually hatch from eggs! This one’s just taking its first breath hiss.


The Moobloom is a Mooshroom, just with more yellow. It’s already in Minecraft Earth and can be found in cow tappables.


The Cluckshroom is a Mooshroom, just with a bit more Chicken and a whole lot more clucking.

Despite not being officially released, these Mini Figures are already available to purchase in some selected stores. This YouTube Video showcases the unboxing of these new mini figures which were purchased from Target. They currently sell for $5 per figure.

Each Boost Mini is themed for a specific Boost, and at launch there will 20 different Boost Minis available with more than 10 different in-game Boosts to choose from.

Boost Minis fit in your pocket or in our Potion carrying case so you can take them on-the-go with you however you play Minecraft Earth, whether it be building, exploring the world around you, or going on an adventure with friends!

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, Mojang has teased at a new Bone Spider variant for Minecraft Earth. And yes, it looks as cool as it sounds.

What are your thoughts on the new mini-figures? Which is your favourite new mob? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jack Hullis

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