Adventures Are Coming to Minecraft Earth. What Are They and How Do They Work?

Adventures are one of the most exciting additions to Minecraft Earth, yet also one of the least talked about. So far we’ve received very little information about them from Mojang because they’re still early on in development.

Adventures aren’t yet in the closed beta. This means that that we don’t fully understand how they work, but we’ve tried our best to write out everything we know (so far!) down below.

What are Adventures?

Adventures are pretty much the survival mode of Minecraft Earth. They involve exploration, fighting hostile mobs and mining for resources. Oh, and of course burning alive in lava. 😉

Minecraft Earth Adventure Demo at Inspire 2019

Dying in adventures, as you’d expect, causes you to lose all of the items that you’re carrying. But don’t worry, you’ll still keep all of the items you’ve collected from tappables. They’re kept separate. But things such as food, tools, and resources that you’ve mined will be dropped. So be careful!

To take part in an adventure, you first have to find one. They spawn randomly around the world, but you’ll have to get close to one to be able to start! Once you’re in range, all you have to do is tap on the adventure icon shown on your map.

You’ll be launched right into AR mode, where you’ll be placed inside a life-sized reconstruction of the adventure! Sometimes you’ll have to dig down to discover treasure, and other times you’ll play above ground! There will be mobs there too, so it’s a good idea to bring weapons with you.

Minecraft Earth Adventure Demo at E3

Adventures are where you’ll find the most precious loot, such as diamonds and emeralds. You can also capture mob variants here too, such as the Moobloom or the Muddy Pig! When you return home, you can then place these down on your build plates, just like you would with any other tappable.

Adventures can also be played in multiplayer. If two or more people tap the same adventure, they’ll be able to explore and fight together! Don’t worry about being the first to loot though, because everything you collect will be added to everyone’s inventories. All of the loot is shared!

There are also loads of different types of adventures. They’ll spawn in different biomes, with different structures, and different rewards! And the best part is, all of the content in them is randomised, so every adventure will be different.

Unfortunately, Adventures aren’t yet in the closed beta. Mojang has said that they’re not sure when they’ll be ready. When they are done, they’ll slowly be added into the world, one area at a time. Fingers crossed they’ll be in the game before it’s released!

And that’s it for Adventures in Minecraft Earth. What do you think about Adventure mode? Are you excited to get exploring? Tell us in the comments below!

PS: For more information about the new features coming to Minecraft Earth, check out the official FAQ!

Written by Mary Green

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