Minecraft Earth – ‘Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version’ Explained and Fixed

With the Minecraft Earth now out on Android worldwide, players are rushing to the Google Playstore to install the game. However, many people are being greeted with the following error:

Your device isn’t compatible with this version

Uh-oh. Unfortunately, this message means that you cannot currently play Minecraft Earth on your device. To play Minecraft Earth, you must have Android Version 8+, and your device must also support ARCore.

However, don’t fret! There’s plenty of ways to fix this error! Keep reading because we’ve listed them all out step-by-step below!

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What is ARCore?

ARCore is a Google app used in Minecraft Earth. It’s the app which allows you to place your Minecraft builds in the real world. In other words, if you place down a build on your table, ARCore is the app which causes it to stick there.

The problem is, ARCore requires hardware which some phones don’t have. For instance, a gyroscope or an accelerometer. If your phone lacks one or more things needed for ARCore, then your device cannot run Minecraft Earth.

If either you have an older Android version, or your phone doesn’t support ARCore, you will be shown the ‘Your device isn’t compatible with this version‘ error on the Playstore.

Why Am I Getting This Error?

You are getting this error message because you either have an outdated Android version, or your phone doesn’t support ARCore. First, here’s how to check if your Android version is high enough.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings page
  2. Scroll down and tap “About Phone”
  3. Scroll down to Android Version

If your Android version is 8 or above, you have the right version needed for Minecraft Earth.

Now let’s check if your device supports ARCore. Here are two easy methods to check if your phone is supported.

  1. Visit the ARCore Playstore Page
  2. Install ARCore (if you can’t, your device is not supported)


  1. Open the list of ARCore supported devices here
  2. Check if your phone model is supported

Even if your device is listed to have ARCore support and is running Android 8+, it may still show as incompatible. The list of devices below were tested with Minecraft Earth, however their performance was so poor that Mojang decided to blacklist them from installing the game.

ManufacturerModel Name
BlacksharkShark 1S
GooglePixel XL
HuaweiNexus 6P
LGENexus 5X
MotorolaMoto X (4)
MotorolaMotorola one
Motorolamoto g(6)
SamsungGalaxy TabS3
SamsungGalaxy J5
SamsungGalaxy A8+(2018)
SamsungGalaxy J7
SamsungGalaxy A30
Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G
SamsungGalaxy J5 Pro
SamsungGalaxy A70
XiaomiRedmi  Note  7 Pro

Again, the devices listed above are NOT compatible with Minecraft Earth and will show an error on the Google Playstore.

How To Fix ‘device isn’t compatible’ Error

Android Version

If your Android version is outdated, then you might be able to update your phone. To update your phone to the latest Android version:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings page
  2. Scroll down and tap “About Phone”
  3. Tap “System Updates”
  4. Tap “Check for updates”
  5. Download and install any new updates

If there are no new updates for your phone, then your device is already at it’s latest version. Some older phones do not support newer Android versions.

Blacklisted device

If you found your device on the blacklist above, then you may still be able to install and play Minecraft Earth. The blacklist only applies to the Google Playstore, and so it is possible to install Minecraft Earth through a third party app provider.

APKMirror is the site we recommend to use. It’s constantly being updated with the latest versions of Minecraft Earth, and provides safe downloads which are all checked to be identical to those offered on the Google Playstore.

To download and install an APK, first visit APKMirror on your mobile phone and hit the download icon next to the latest version. Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, tap on it to install it. You made need to go to your device’s Settings > Security and enable install from ‘Unknown sources’.

Once the APK has been installed you can play it like you would any other app. If you run into a ‘Licence Error’, read here our easy guide on fixing the licence error.

ARCore Support


If you cannot install ARCore from the Google Playstore, you can try installing it from an APK. A .APK file is an installation file for Android apps. You can use APK’s to install apps that you cannot get from the Playstore.

To install the ARCore APK, first visit the ARCore APKMirror page on your Android phone. Then, scroll down and download the latest version of ARCore (tap the purple ‘Download APK’ button). Once you’ve downloaded the APK, you’ll need to open it. You should then be asked if you want to install it or not, so of course, press install.

Your phone might flag a security warning at some point. This is because unlike on the Playstore, Google cannot check if the app is dangerous. However, ARCore is an app made by Google themselves, so it’s safe for us to install.

You may also need to enable an Android setting to allow apps to install from ‘unknown sources’. This essentially means that you allow your phone to install the app from a .APK file rather than the Playstore!

Once you’ve installed ARCore, head back over to the Google Playstore and check if your device is now compatible. (Make sure to restart your phone first!)

If Minecraft Earth still shows as incompatible, then read on to learn about more potential fixes. You can also uninstall ARCore if it didn’t work, as it is useless.

Using Magisk Manager (Root Required)

This method 100% works. However, it does require root, and it does require Magisk. And for many people rooting their phones is either not possible, or too difficult. If you don’t have a rooted phone with Magisk but are desperate to play Minecraft Earth, google “how to root (phone name) with magisk”, and then return back to this page.

Now that you’ve got Magisk running on your phone, follow these steps to enable ARCore on your device:

  1. Open the Magisk app.
  2. Tap the menu button on the left and go to ‘Downloads’.
  3. Press the search icon and type ‘arcore’.
  4. Tap the download arrow on ‘ARCore/Playground Patcher’ and then hit install. You’ll be prompted to restart your phone once it’s completed.
  5. Once rebooted, download and install this modded version of ARCore.
  6. You should now be good to go. Visit the Google Playstore and install Minecraft Earth.

If you run into any issues in-game such as when using build plates, you may need to install a Google Camera mod for your device. This is different for each phone, however, here is a version which works for multiple devices. If this doesn’t work for you, google ‘GCam (phone name) port download’ and get it from there.


This is another method, similar to the previous. It is different, so if for some reason you couldn’t get the Magisk module to work, then you may want to give this method a try.

ARCoreForAll bypasses the unsupported list and allows you to install ARCore anyway. This allows you to install all the apps which require ARCore support. (Minecraft Earth, I’m looking at you!) It’s a little tricky to install, so instead of writing out the steps here, I’ll link an article below which explains everything you need to know.

Gadgethacks.com – Enable ARCore on Any Android Phone

Using A Virtual Gyroscope

The third way is to enable what’s called a virtual gyroscope. It uses the accelerometer of your phone to calculate the position and orientation of your phone.

Now this will only work if your phone is missing an actual gyroscope. And it also requires messing with system files. So yes, you’ll need a rooted phone.

There’s no one method for doing this, and it’s not possible on every phone. So your best bet is to just search: ‘[Phone Model] virtual gyroscope’ on google, and see if any results pop up.

Use A Different Phone

To point out the obvious, using a different phone might solve the problem. Android tablets will also be able to play Minecraft Earth, so if you have one of them to hand it’s worth checking if it is supported.

Finally, your last option is to start saving up for a new phone. It doesn’t have to be the latest iPhone or Samsung. Nowadays, even some of the cheapest smartphones come with ARCore support. Just make sure to check it’s on the list of supported ARCore devices before purchasing!

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That’s everything for troubleshooting the ‘Your device isn’t compatible with this version’ Playstore error. Do you have this error? Did this article help you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Jack Hullis


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  1. Sorry but my phone is on the list of ARCore supported devices (Moto g7 power) and I have ARCore installed and THE PLAY STORE STILL SAYS Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version.

  2. Complete bullshit. I was SO excited when this finally became available in the US. on their official page, my galaxy a70 is listed as a compatible device. It’s running Android 9 and it supports ARCore. Why on earth would it be blacklisted??

  3. I haave a samsubg galaxy 7
    It says its compatible.
    Its 8.0 so it should work.

    I can open mc earth except for the ar things with camera it gives me a blue screen. It only worked once for 10 min and then it stopped working again. What do i do so i can use ar?

  4. After installiing ARCore from APKMirror the PlayStore still says “not compatible”
    But on APKMirror I also found Minecraft Earth and installed it. This works for me on Huawei Mate10Pro which ist not on the supported list.

  5. Using huawei mate 9 with android 9, succesfully install minecraft earth and ARcore via apkpure, can open minecraft earth but too bad cant access to buildplate, my camera just wont turn on. I though it work easily as pokemon go but too bad.. it didnt..

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